The Winter’s Night

The Winter's Night

By Lorna Ye

We walk along the sidewalk narrowed
by the snow piles on two sides,
the chill and freshness of winter trapped
in the faintly-visible moonlight.
Mist from our breath softens
and warms the air around us

The occasional blaze of headlights from
passing cars makes me feel
we are on the spotlight.
But most time we are
in the pale blanket of
darkness that drapes across
the muted street against
the backdrop of a city
in the loom of a few streetlights.

The crunch of our steps,
rough but comforting,
reminds me of the plainest,
rhythmic songs,
nothing impressive, but
strong enough to carry
our simple dreams,
something we haven’t dropped
along the icy, slippery road.

© 2020, Lorna Ye. All Rights Reserved