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I am Lorna Ye, a writer, blogger, and coach on writing and public speaking. I have a Ph.D. Degree in Communication. In 2017, I founded Bright Learning, LLC and created BrightSpeaking website, where I share my thoughts, experience, tips and hacks, and resources on everything related to English communication.

It is not intended to provide standard instructions on how to communicate–as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to communication. Rather, I am hoping it offers practical tips and suggestions that help readers, especially those who are non-native English speakers, be better communicators.

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Effective word choice is essential for clear and powerful writing. Enhancing word choice in writing requires a broad vocabulary and skills in selecting specific words that can increase the impact on readers. 

The purpose of this book is to help expand your vocabulary by mastering many other ways to say overused words such as big, easy, sad, think, and walk. The more words you know, the better you can express yourself and engage readers in a meaningful way.

Public speaking sounds scary to many people, but it is an excellent way to build confidence, influence others, and develop leadership qualities. Being able to give an effective and powerful speech is an essential skill in your career and leadership development.

I’ve created 20 tip sheets on different aspects of public speaking to help you develop concrete knowledge and actionable skills for boosting confidence and giving compelling speeches.  All these tips are based on my years of experience in coaching public speaking.

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