Welcome to BrightSpeaking.

I am Lorna Ye, a writer, blogger, and coach on writing and public speaking. I have a Ph.D. Degree in Communication. In 2017, I founded Bright Learning, LLC and created BrightSpeaking website, where I share my thoughts, experience, tips and hacks, and resources on everything related to English communication.

It is not intended to provide standard instructions on how to communicate–as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to communication. Rather, I am hoping it offers practical tips and suggestions that help readers, especially those who are non-native English speakers, be better communicators.

Check out my following products on improving writing and public speaking.

Writing Course for Teens (A Self-paced E-Course)

This e-course is intended to help teens obtain various writing skills and tools and build their confidence in writing.

The course covers many writing techniques required for effective writing, ranging from word choice to sentence variety, from writing process to smooth transitions between ideas. It also offers tips on how to gather writing ideas from daily life to enrich the writing content.

The course is meant for independent study at students’ own pace. There are 20 lessons in total. Each lesson is around 5 to 12 minutes long and the materials are readily digestible. They also come with PDF writing exercises for students to apply techniques in their writing.

Here’s the preview video: