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Flash Fiction




Here are some comments from my readers and other writers:

“This is brilliant. So elegant, each word contributes so much and allows the reader to build their own rich world. I feel like I just read a novel.”   —M.Cole

“Wow, Lorna. So much, packed into this short, inspired story.”  –M. Cruz-Gibbons

“This is beautifully written. You made me nostalgic.”  – P.Pan

“Ah Lorna. Always. Your words are magic.”
“Good story, Lorna. Totally hooked me, right to the end.”  –S. Tanner

“Wow! Powerful. Love this!”   –M. Kalistchuk

“I really enjoyed reading this narrative. It’s so full of descriptive imagery! And, it’s very well crafted!”  –T. T. Darris

“your wonderful words have delivered these moments into posterity.”   –B. Elbey

“Chilling and beautiful.”   –C. Mann

“I’ve never been a big poetry person, but I enjoy yours very much for the simplicity and beauty of the words and the depths of your message. They are meditative, both calming and reflective in the images.” –J. T.