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Your Mountain is Waiting

It was a typical April morning. A beam of sunlight broke through last night’s rain clouds, casting a soft warm glow over my room. I was planning my blog posts as usual, the aroma of jasmine tea […]

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A Letter to My Daughter

You were sitting among a band of teenagers, in a light purple velvet dress, elegantly holding a silver flute. You glanced at the audience and gave me a confident smile. […]

dongsheng house
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Dongsheng House

When I was a young girl, my family lived on the upper floor of a two-story apartment on a busy street, where buses hummed, bike bells rang, and crowds rushed to work and school. […]

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Chinese New Year Eve

On a frigid winter night, I was counting fireworks flashing in the sky as I stared out the narrow window of our kitchen. Sporadic sounds cracked across the city with colorful sparks. […]