Moving On
Flash Fiction

Moving on

She lost a pearl earring, again. The third time. The first two times, she thought she lost it, but she found it unexpectedly, once behind a dresser’s leg, and once on the collar of a woolen sweater. […]

an encounter
Flash Fiction

An Encounter

They entered the isle of pasta from different sides. He recognized her – it had been almost a year since she left the company where he was her manager. […]

A spring afternoon
My Writing

A Spring Afternoon

I hang my hand-washed white sweater
on the clothesline, give it
a final wring on hem, and
let drops of lavender-scented water
drip from my fingertips. […]

A hue of desolation
My Writing

A Hue of Desolation

Behind the thin and shimmery rain,
a slice of sunshine threaded
through the vast expanse of purple and
shades of blue wash,
blended in the murk,
shredded shivering hues of light. […]