Moving On
Flash Fiction

Moving on

She lost a pearl earring, again. The third time. The first two times, she thought she lost it, but she found it unexpectedly, once behind a dresser’s leg, and once on the collar of a woolen sweater. […]

an encounter
Flash Fiction

An Encounter

They entered the isle of pasta from different sides. He recognized her – it had been almost a year since she left the company where he was her manager. […]

A spring afternoon
My Writing

A Spring Afternoon

I hang my hand-washed white sweater
on the clothesline, give it
a final wring on hem, and
let drops of lavender-scented water
drip from my fingertips. […]

A hue of desolation
My Writing

A Hue of Desolation

Behind the thin and shimmery rain,
a slice of sunshine threaded
through the vast expanse of purple and
shades of blue wash,
blended in the murk,
shredded shivering hues of light. […]

The Winter's Night
My Writing

The Winter’s Night

We walk along the sidewalk narrowed
by the snow piles on two sides,
the chill and freshness of winter trapped
in the faintly-visible moonlight.
Mist from our breath softens
and warms the air around us […]

relive the moment
My Writing

Relive the Moment

Little clips of life flash
at the tip of my pen
like golden sands
bouncing with dancing feet
memories flows and unfurls
with an undulating melody […]