The Past and The Present

the past and the present

By Lorna Ye

Moisture chews sound
eyes absorb darkness
heart laden with past stories
frail and intangible
with a somewhat fresh feel

Those unspoken words
those unexpressed feelings
are bottled up inside her and
sometimes dropped to a hushed
mumble to herself

The memories she clings to
stitch together a pattern
letting her regret
what she has lost
what has gone

Her eyes are so busy searching
for the trace of the past
that they are oblivious of
the mellowness of Autumn
the ripening color of sunset
in front of her

Her mind is so overflowing
with voices, lingering and echoing, from
people who used to be part of her life
that there is no room for
the lush music swirling in the air
the unembellished laughter of children
around her

She cherishes everything in the past
taking the present for granted —
until the present becomes
the past, adding to
the pattern of her regrets

© 2019, Lorna Ye. All Rights Reserved