(A Poem)

By Lorna Ye

The voice roaring in your mind
Why are you muffling it?
The heart pounding in your chest
Why are you numbing it?
The moment sticking to your memory
Why are you hiding it?

Like a smoothened birch log,
you are subtle and balanced.
Time has rubbed off your edge
and dulled your complexion,
leaving you with a glassy smile
and a polished voice.

Sometimes, however, the crazy dream
that used to be part of you,
flashes by like a firefly
so you scribble it down with
words, unfettered and untamed,
in burst of color and light.

That hesitant whisper
that muted laughter
that contained tear
that receding desire
re-emerge as you stitch them
together on paper—
calling it poetry.

© 2019, Lorna Ye. All Rights Reserved