A Spring Afternoon

A spring afternoon

By Lorna Ye

I hang my hand-washed white sweater
on the clothesline, give it
a final wring on hem, and
let drops of lavender-scented water
drip from my fingertips.
The skin-tickling sunshine spreads on it
like a long-missed smile glowing on a
face frozen with constant worries.
In the near distance,
my dog trots back and forth,
chasing butterflies, squirrels, and her own tail,
lost in every joyful moment she could get.
Breeze laced with the smell of wildflowers
breathes colors back to
the withering sight and
the toneless dream.

Soon, all the reminders of
the past winter
will be packed
in deep drawers.

© 2020, Lorna Ye. All Rights Reserved