Moving on

Moving On

(A Flash Fiction)

By Lorna Ye

She lost a pearl earring, again. The third time.

The first two times, she thought she lost it, but she found it unexpectedly, once behind a dresser’s leg, and once on the collar of a woolen sweater. This time, she searched every corner of her room, no luck.  

She slumped into a couch, sighing with frustration.

Her phone dinged with an instant message from him, “Sorry for what I did to you. Could you forgive me? Give me a chance to make up for it.”  Staring at the emoji heart that followed the text, she tried to recall how many times she’d seen a similar message from him, how it numbed the wounds of her heart from the harsh words he had thrown at her, and how she messaged back “Yes” time and again, tears in eyes.

But this time, she felt tired of this game. She texted back “No,” tearless.

She remained seated on the couch for a long moment, slowly out of the irritation of losing her favorite earring. It’s time she realized not every loss could be recovered.

Hope he could realize that too.