How I Failed at Biking

By Justin

It was a scenic June afternoon, birds chirping, bees buzzing and geese flocking. My dad and I unloaded our bikes onto the gravelly trail of the C&O Canal. My friend Eric’s family also joined us. The glaring sun reflected off our sleek bikes, making them look shiny.

“It’s such a nice day!” I remarked.

“This biking trip will be the best,” my friend Eric responded. As we chatted, we got on the bikes and off we went! The breeze brushed across my face like a refreshing cup of lemonade. We rushed past the trail making everything look like a blur. After a grueling ten miles of biking we reached Washington D.C.

It was late evening now with the sun starting to descend. Many people were casually chatting while drinking their coffee or tea.

“It’s time we head back now,” my dad told us. As we hopped back on our bikes, I was ready to finish my last goal of the day–making it back home.

“Today was so peaceful, yet so tiresome,” I replied in exhaustion.

“Eight more miles, dude, and we’re back home!” Eric responded with enthusiasm.

As we went back on the trail, Eric and I raced each other by sprinting small intervals with our parents tailing behind us. Just when I tilted my head I noticed the gorgeous scenery, and it was even more eye-catching than in the morning. I was so captivated that it was as if I were in a trance, staring at the royal purple sky with the sun declining. And it was at that moment I knew that I blanked out. I tumbled into the ground because of a stupid pothole. Like a roly poly, I rolled and rolled, attracting bruises and cuts by the masses.

“Oww,” I moaned. Eric and the parents rushed to me and helped me up. I winced with pain. Luckily my dad brought his First Aid Kit. I remember him saying something like “Safety first and you’ll never regret it.” After being patched up I manned up and got back on the bike. Only two more miles of pain left…, I thought. After what felt like years of torture enduring pain we arrived back at the parking lot. Oh the glorious parking lot I love you so much, I thought. I lay in the front seat of the car resting while waiting for my friends and family to finish packing up. Oh thank the lord! I was relieved.

Reflecting on this, I think that although distractions may have a positive short-term effect, it can and will give you bad karma later on, which is why I vow from now on to focus on my goal and to finish it before anything else. Because of this pledge I will be more efficient and effective when doing tasks.