Public speaking sounds scary to many people, but it is an excellent way to build confidence, influence others, and develop leadership qualities. Being able to give an effective and powerful speech is an essential skill in your career and leadership development.

I’ve created 20 tip sheets on different aspects of public speaking to help you develop concrete knowledge and actionable skills for boosting confidence and giving compelling speeches.  All these tips are based on my years of experience in coaching public speaking.

This package includes a collection of effective and practical tips on 20 key aspects of public speaking, such as:

–Managing your speech anxiety
–Using storytelling in a speech
–Eye contact in speech delivery
–Pauses in speech delivery
and more

These tip sheets are easy-to-read, one-page resources on how to build and deliver compelling speeches.

When put together, those sheets can be used as a systematic resource on how to improve critical aspects of public speaking skills. The listed items on the tip sheets may be used as checklists to ensure the implementation of effective strategies and avoid mistakes.

Each tip sheet can also be used individually as a quick guide for boosting a specific part of public speaking.

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