dongsheng house
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Dongsheng House

When I was a young girl, my family lived on the upper floor of a two-story apartment on a busy street, where buses hummed, bike bells rang, and crowds rushed to work and school. […]

My Writing

The Runner

When the land is wrapped
in the gray of early dawn,
the runner starts off on the tight earth.
Her lonely figure forms the only motion […]

My Writing


The voice roaring in your mind
Why are you muffling it?
The heart pounding in your chest
Why are you numbing it? […]

Flash Fiction

A Song

A song caught his attention. The melody echoed his sentiment and the lyric touched his heart like a warm sunlight, illuminating the dream embedded in him. He looped the song […]

Flash Fiction

A Momentary Joy

The monthly staff meeting is as boring as usual until John announces that next Friday will be his last day with the company. A surge of happiness flies to […]