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Good communication is critical for one’s personal and professional life. It is a soft skill that allows us to express feelings and thoughts, build connection and trust, and gain what we hope for. Communication can take on many forms: speaking, listening, writing, body language, and more.

I created BrightSpeaking website, where I share my thoughts, experience, tips and hacks, and resources on everything related to English communication. It is not intended to provide standard instructions on how to communicate–as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to communication. Rather, I am hoping it offers practical tips and suggestions that help readers, especially those who are non-native English speakers, be better communicators.

In addition to my blog posts on communication skills, you can also find my other writing here.

If you are interested in improving your public speaking skills, check out my “20 Public Speaking Tip Sheets” package. Those tip sheets are easy-to-read, one-page resources on how to build and deliver compelling speeches.

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Lorna Ye

Ph.D. In communication; experienced coach in public speaking and writing.